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Chinchilla years to human years

chinchilla years to human years

Do you want to convert chinchilla years to human years? The average lifespan of a chinchilla is 8-10 years, but as a pet and with proper care it can live up to 20 years.

Chinchillas age faster than humans, but have similar life cycle. And we can use it to calculate your chin's age in human years.

Chinchilla years to human years calculator

Convert chinchilla years to human years using our online chinchilla age converter:

So now you can find out your chinchilla's human age, for example:

Chinchilla age Human age
6 months 12 years
1 year 18 years
3 years 31 years
7 years 59 years
10 years 80 years
15 years 123 years

How do chinchillas age?

Chins live through 5 main life stages:

  1. From birth to 6 months - baby chinchillas, also called "kits"
  2. From 6 month to 12 months - teenage chinchillas
  3. From 1 year to 6 years - adult chinchillas
  4. From 6 to 10 years - old chinchillas
  5. From 11 years and older - very old chinchillas

You can lean more about each in our article

There is no accurate way to tell the age of a chinchilla unless you know it's birth date.

By the age of one year chinchillas reach their adult size. And after that you can tell if a chinchilla is more or less old by watching your pet's behaviour, activity level, shedding and some other factors.

The oldest chinchilla, according to the Guiness Book of World Records, was Radar the chinchilla, who died at the age of almost 30 years (which could be 270-300 years in human years!)

Chinchilla age chart

chinchilla years to human years chart