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Horse years to human years

hosre years to human years

Want to convert horse years to human years? Figuring out a horse's human age is not difficult, but requires a bit of calculations.

While there is no straightforward answer to the question "How many human years in a horse year?", you can calculate horse age in human years using these estimations:

  • the first 3 years of horse life equal to an average of 6 human years each;
  • each subsequent horse year is equal to 2.5 human years.

Horse years to human years calculator

Convert horse years using our online horse to human age converter:

Here are some of the estimations:

Horse age Human age
1 year 6.5 years
3 years 18 years
7 years 28 years
16 years 50.5 years
20 years 60.5 years
27 years 78 years
32 years 90.5 years
36 years 100.5 years
40 years 110.5 years

How do horses age?

Horses live 25 to 30 years on average (or 73 to 85.5 years in human age equivalent) and have 6 main life stages:

  1. From birth to 12 months horses are still babies and are called “foals”
  2. During the second life year a horse is a yearling in its adolescent life stage
  3. From 2 to 4 years old, horses are teenagers. Females are called “filli”, and males - “colt”
  4. From 4 to 15 years horses are in their adulthood. Females are called “mares, non-castrated males - “stallions”, and castrated males are “geldings”
  5. From 15 to 25 years old horses are considered senior
  6. Horses at 25 years and older are considered elderly horses

The oldest recorded horse was Old Billy, who died at the age of 62 years (which equals 165.5 human years!)

Horse to human age chart

horse years to human years chart