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Fox years to human years

fox years to human years

Do you want to convert fox years to human years? In the wild foxes live a short life, up to 3-6 years. Although when in captivity or living near humans, their life expectancy is 14-15 years.

We could say that 1 fox year equals 4.8 human years. But to convert fox age to human age more precisely, you'll need to take the fox's life stage into consideration. This is where our fox age calcuclator will come in handy

Fox years to human years calculator

Convert fox year to human age using our online age converter:

How do foxes age?

Foxes have 4 main life stages:

  1. From birth to 3 months – baby fox (cub or kit). Fox's cubs are born deaf and blind, with no of very fine fur. For the first weeks they are entirely dependent on their mother. By the age of 6-8 weeks they are completely weaned. Baby foxes are very vulnerable and can easily become a pray for predators;
  2. From 4 to 12 months – a juvenile fox. At this age young foxes can already hunt with adults. Foxes can start mating at the age of 10 months, although some foxes don't start reproducing until their second year of life;
  3. From 1 year to 6 years – adult fox. For the foxes living in the wild this is the stage when most of them will die. The reasons are various: predators, illness, food shortage, natural disasters and habitat destruction;
  4. From 7 years and older – old fox.