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Hedgehog years to human years

hedgehog years to human years

Do you want to convert hedgehog years to human years? There is no simple way to make these calculations. A research done by Z. G. Standing Bear for the IHA News where he connected 100 points of data from human life to its analogy in hedgehog's life could be a reliable reference.

Here are some of the hedgehog age equivalents in human years:

Hedgehog age Human age
1 month 5 years
2 month 10 years
6 months 20 years
3 years 40 years
5 years and 4 months 80 years
7 years and 8 months 100 years

And if you're curious, learn more about a pet hedgehog's lifespan.

Hedgehog years to human years calculator

Convert hedgehog years to human years using our online hedgehog age converter:

How to tell a hedgehogs age?

Hedgehogs live through 4 main life stages:

  1. From birth to 2 months – baby hedgehog
  2. From 2 months to 12 months – teenage hedgehog
  3. From 1 year to 3-4 years – adult hedgehog
  4. From 4 years and older – elderly hedgehog

But as for most animals, you can only tell the age of a baby hedgehog with more or less certainty. Adult species don't change much throughout their life.

To tell the age of a smaller hedgehog, look for the following signs.

Hedges are born blind, with a membrane covering their quills (which shrinks in a matter of several hours). They are not very active, staying in the nest with their mother. A baby hedgehog's face is not fully formed, and the quills are flexible.

During the second week, little hedgehogs' eyes are still closed, and their face continues to develop. But you might notice their quills getting harder and longer. Some hedges might already start losing their baby quills.

During the third week their eyes finally open up, and baby hedgehogs begin exploring the surroundings.

Week four marks the time when mother-hedgehog typically starts weaning. Little hedgehogs start to develop sharp teeth and finally have more adult-like features and actively grow more quills. They become even more active and explorative.

A six- to eight-week hedgehog typically experiences the first serious quilling. The second one happens around 4 to 6 months, or sometimes even after one year. New quills should grow back within a week.

After this period, there are no remarkable signs to help you in ageing a hedgehog. 

You can try checking if he/she is still growing or has already reached the adult size.

And if a hedgehog's quills and fur are ginger, you can almost certainly tell that this hedgehog is of old age.

Hedgehog age chart

hedgehog years to human years chart