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Great Dane age in human years

Great Dane dog

Great Dane is a huge-sized dog breed adored for impressive height, balance of elegance and strength, and a friendly character.

If you have a Great Dane, you might wonder how old your dog is in human years. The same way you'd calculate a huge-sized dog age in human years, you need to know your Great Dane's dog age and then convert it using these estimations:

  • a 1-year-old Great Dane is 12 in human years;
  • by the age of 6 years, a Great Dane is 49 in human age;
  • each subsequent year adds 7-8 years in human years.

Here’s a table you can use to find a Great Dane age equivalent in human years:

Great Dane age Human age
1 year 12 years
2 years 22 years
3 years 31 years
4 years 38 years
5 years 45 years
6 years 49 years
7 years 56 years
8 years 64 years
9 years 71 years
10 years 79 years
11 years 86 years
12 years 93 years
13 years 100 years
14 years 107 years
15 years 114 years
16 years 121 years
17 years 128 years
18 years 135 years
19 years 142 years
20 years 149 years
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Great Danes live from 7 to 10 years. Their average lifespan is 8.5 years (shorter than the average dog's lifespan). They are prone to bloat (a gastric dilatation-volvulus). This health condition can be lethal for a dog. So regular vet check-ups and adopting a dog from a responsible breeder are a must.

Great Dane age chart

Great Dane age chart in human years