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Doberman Pinscher age in human years

Doberman dog

Doberman Pinscher is a large-sized dog breed that is beloved by many for its loyal character, great phisique and intelligence. However, Doberman pinschers need proper training and bond only to one person.

As a Doberman Pinscher owner, you may be wondering how old your dog is in human years. To determine this, first you need to know your Doberman Pinscher's age in dog years. Then use the estimates to convert it to human years:

  • a 1-year-old Doberman is 15 years in human years;
  • a 2-year-old Doberman is 24 in human age;
  • years 3 through 5 add 4 more years each;
  • at the age of 6 a Doberman becomes 45 in human years;
  • each subsequent year equals 5-6 years in human equivalent.

Like most larger dogs, Dobermans live shorter life. In human years, their typical lifespan would be from 66 to 77 years.

Here’s a table you can use to find your Doberman age equivalent in human years:

Doberman age Human age
1 year 15 years
2 years 24 years
3 years 28 years
4 years 32 years
5 years 36 years
6 years 45 years
7 years 50 years
8 years 55 years
9 years 61 years
10 years 66 years
11 years 72 years
12 years 77 years
13 years 83 years
14 years 88 years
15 years 94 years
16 years 99 years
17 years 105 years
18 years 110 years
19 years 116 years
20 years 121 years
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Doberman Pinscher lifespan

Dobermans have a lifespan that ranges from 10 to 12 years. Their average life expectancy is 11 years, a bit shorter than the average dog life expectancy.

Dobermans are prone to certain health issues, including cardiomyopathy (enlarged heart) and bloat. Both are usually lethal, if not detected early.

You need to pay attention to the breeder you get your pup from. Responsible breeders genetically test Dobermans for such health condition. And of course you sould consult with your vet and have your Doberman regularly tested.

Some interesting facts:

  • Doberman Pinschers are considered adults at the age of 12 months
  • Dobermans reach their full height by the age of 12 months, but they continue to grow their weight until they are about 2 years old
  • Doberman puppies typically calm down by the age of 1 year, and dogs reach emotional maturity by the age of 2 to 3 years
  • Dobermans are generally considered seniors at the age of 7.

Doberman Pinscher age chart

Doberman age chart in human years