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German Shepherd age in human years

german shepherd dog playing in the snow

German Shepherd is a large dog breed adored for its intelligence and courageous and at the same time gentle character.

German Shepherds live from 7 to 10 years, according to the American Kennel Club. But many live up to 13 years old.

With an average lifespan of 8.5 years, their life is shorter than the average dog life expectancy. Generally, German Shepherd dogs are healthy. Although they might have some life-threatening health issues.

If you have a German shepherd, you might wonder how old your dog is in human years. To answer this question, first, you need to know your German Shepherd's dog age. Then convert it using the estimations to calculate large dog age in human years:

  • the first German Shepherd's year equals 15 human years;
  • the second year adds 9 more years to the human age;
  • years 3 through 5 add 4 more years each;
  • at the age of 6 a German Shepherd becomes 45 in human years;
  • each subsequent year equals 5-6 years in human equivalent.

Like most larger dogs, German Shepherds live shorter life. In human years, their typical lifespan would be from 50 to 66 years

Here’s a table you can use to find your German Shepherd age equivalent in human years:

German Shepherd age Human age
1 year 15 years
2 years 24 years
3 years 28 years
4 years 32 years
5 years 36 years
6 years 45 years
7 years 50 years
8 years 55 years
9 years 61 years
10 years 66 years
11 years 72 years
12 years 77 years
13 years 83 years
14 years 88 years
15 years 94 years
16 years 99 years
17 years 105 years
18 years 110 years
19 years 116 years
20 years 121 years
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Some interesting facts:

  • As German Shepherds are prone to obesity, a healthy balanced diet and a high level of activity can help increase their lifespan;
  • Female German Shepherds are thought to live longer than males;
  • German Shepherds reach adulthood at the age of 2-3 years;
  • There are records of German Shepherds living till the age of over 25 years.

German Shepherd age chart

german shepherd age chart in human years